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We live in a rapidly changing world, in which technology touches every part of our daily lives including the way we work, stay in touch with family and friends, shop and learn. Digital Services develops modern services and the systems which will meet the needs of people in a modern, changing world, so it is easier for people to have seamless access to the services they want and need. When we talk about digital we mean much more than new technologies and improving IT services. It has come to mean doing things differently, using new mindsets, skills and data, as well as technologies that have led to the development of new ways of working with which we are now so familiar.

As you may appreciate the Digital Economy is rapidly emerging to dominate the future. Through this knowledge hub, we aim to offer a platform for the knowledge base required to embark on the new Digital age from the Technology, Economics and Policy aspects.

We encourage the reader to debate and critique the ideas and topics that are being discussed on this page, as digital transformation continues to be a focus across industries, while competition heats up and organizations become customer-focused, companies continually  looking to accelerate the process and embrace an array of technologies and platforms that will help them meet the changing business and market ecosystems. However, where does intelligence fit within an organization’s digital transformation strategy?

How does knowledge intelligence help technology providers achieve that end goal of becoming more competitive and customer-centric?

This page has been designed with an interactive interface to encourage readers to participate with the authors of the whitepapers, which are also available for download.

As the reader would appreciate that the Digital Economy is an evolving learning curve, as this page will be, thus the concept of this platform which will offer authors of informative material to be published targeting certain areas of the Digital Economy. We at DigiConomy believe that the Digital Economy is not a new concept or technology, but it’s rather a living Social Ecosystem at the intersection of many already existing industries. We at DigiConomy are engineers by nature who believe that an idea would be best to share and deploy in reality.

Digital Economy is an evolving overarching emerging 4th  industrial revolution at the intersection of Hyperconnected Telecom Networks, Education, Society, New Technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT), Electronic Vehicles infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Open Data, Quantum Computing and Extended Reality (XR) Technologies.

At DigiConomy we’re creating a culture of collaboration between public sector agencies and private investors to grow Digital services which can react quickly, navigate change and deliver digital outcomes for the citizens of the world. We aim to bring you the most informative discussions through whitepapers which you can browse (and download). We strongly urge the reader to subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on our most recent publications which will be updated on this platform.

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DigiConomy Publications: Text

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